Plastpro brings the latest technology advancements to the industry to
meet customer concerns. Hydroshield Technology® protects against
water infiltration on all sides of the door, eliminating warp, corrosion,
rot, delamination, mold and mildew.

Fiberglass Doors

Plastpro’s fiberglass entry doors combine the beauty and elegance of wood with the strength and durability of steel. Offered in a variety of rich grain textures, our doors require less maintenance, offer longer warranties, and are more energy efficient than traditional wood or steel entry doors.

Rustic Series

Our Rustic doors provide a classic charm while bringing a contemporary appeal to any home.

Modern Series

The Modern door collection expertly blends simplicity with stark design.

Mahogany Series

The richness of our Mahogany wood exudes strength and beauty, mirroring the stability of our fiberglass technology.

Fir Grain Series

Our Fir Grain Series captures the minute details of fine vertical graining for an overall traditional Craftsman appeal.


Woodgrain Series

Dressed in a rich oak grain texture, our Woodgrain doors give you the classic wood appearance without the fragility of wood material.

Smooth Skin Series

The Smooth Skin Series adds a stylish spin to our traditional door designs.

Onelite Series

Our Onelite Series allows for maximum light to be let into your home using the most energy efficient technology.

True White Oak Series

The True White Oak collection combines the best features from our Smooth Skin and Woodgrain Series, allowing you to enjoy the texture of a Woodgrain in a Plastpro white finish.

Cherry Series

Plastpro’s Cherry door collection is prized for its natural luster, attractive grain, and rich glow.

Trimmable Series

Our Trimmable Series allows you to adjust and customize your door to ensure the perfect fit for any entryway.

Fire Rated Series

Plastpro’s Fire Rated Series is the perfect combination of practicality and stylish zest.

Impact Series

Our Impact Series is specially engineered to withstand the force of flying objects, while maintaining its unbreakable form.